Monday, June 18, 2007


O.K. a little about me. i'm a degenerate gambler, over the years of betting sports i've found that my own instincts and capping have done as well as these so called pros. over the years i've tried many pay services only to be disappointed, now i'm not saying their all bad, there are a few good ones. i'm just an average joe with a sports addiction, i wish i'd have started this sooner cause i pick who i think will win or cover everyday and i generally come out ahead on a season. i don't have so-called inside info or i know people who work at bookmakers or i worked at one, i don't know people in the biz, i just have a computer and i'm a fan. i handicap just about everything. so follow me along and watch how i win and sometimes lose. THESE are FREE picks and advice for entertainment.

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