Wednesday, September 12, 2007

not feelin' well today

i don't feelgood today for some reason, so i'll make this short and sweet, yesterday 1 went 2-2(again) in MLB and missed my WNBA play, i knew i sholud have played the under in that game. anyway heres some early game predictions and a play...

Mil(Bush) vs. Pitt(Gorzelanny)
play Mil +115
ov 8.5
Wash(Hanrahan) vs. Flor(B.Kim)
Flor -140
ov 10.5
Cle(Westbrook) vs. CHW(Vasquez)
Cle -120
ov 9
Minn(silva) vs. KC(Meche)
Minn un 8.5

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

another split day......

another split day, but a plus money with the heavy dog, so in MLB i went 2-2 for +20. glad i didn't play NFL, i said in an earlier post that it is hard to figure out teams in the first couple weeks, my predictions for sides went 0-1-1 and split the ov/un's , i was really liking Bal, good thing i layed off, cause they blew it. in baseball yesterday, i would have been great playing all NL, i picked the sides in every game right, but struck out picking AL sides. it just goes to show ,you can look up stats all you want and handicapp them out, and still its a toss-up sometimes. anyway heres todays predictions and plays.

Mil(Gallardo) vs. Pitt(Bullington)
i really like Mil, but its just out of my price range.
Mil -160
un 9.5
Col(Morrales) vs. Phil(Eaton)
Phil -130
ov 11
Wasg(Bacsik) vs. Flor(Seddon)
wash +110
un 10
STL(Mulder) vs. Cinn(Belisle)
play STL -110*
un 11
ATL(Carlye) vs. NYM(Hernandez)
ATL +140
ov 9.5
CHC(Marshall) vs. Hou(Backe)
play CHC -120*
ov 9.5
SD(Peavy) vs. LAD(Loaiza)
LAD +130
ov 7
Ari(Gonzalez) vs. SF(Correia)
SF -130
un 9
G1 Tex(Padilla) vs. Det(Durbin)
play Tex +140*
ov 10.5
LAA(saunders) vs. Bal(Santos)
LAA -170
un 10.5
TB(Sonnanstine) vs. Bos(Wakefeild)
Bos -210
ov 10
G2 Tex(McCarthy) vs. Det(Jurrjens)
Det -150
ov 10.5
NYY(Hughes) vs. Tor(marcum)
Tor +110
ov 10
Minn(Baker) vs. KC(Davies)
play Minn -130*
un 9.5
Cle(byrd) vs. CHW(Danks)
another game just out of my play range, but i like Cle alot, numbers look gook
Cle -155
ov 9.5
Oak(Braden) vs. Sea(Washburn)
Sea -165
ov 9.5
just 4 plays for me today, good luck to me
Det vs. Pho
play Pho -4
un 183
just 1 play, i like the under, but i'm gun-shy, after that 200 point 1st game, i did pick the under in game 2, but i didn't play it.

Monday, September 10, 2007


couldn't gain any. well yesterday i said the first few weeks of NFL are usually a struggle for me, i have to get a feel for the teams and all. i went 1-1-1 in NFL for -10 and 2-2 in MLB for -30, i'll take it, its a loss, but a small one. overall yesterday i capped the NFL sides at 6-6-1 and just sucked ass on ov/un's at 3-10, i really thought their would be more scoring week one. well heres todays predictions and plays.

STL(Pineiro) vs. CHC(Lilly)
CHC -140
un 8.5
MIL(Villenueva) vs. Pitt(Armas)
Mil -135
un 9.5
Col(Jimenez) vs. Phil(Loshe)
Phil -130
un 10.5
Wash(Hill) vs. Flor(Olsen)
wash +100
un 9
ATL(Hudson) vs. NYM(Perez)
play NYM -110*
ov 8.5
Ari(Hernandez) vs. SF(Linecum)
play Ari +140*
un 8.5
TB(Kazmir) vs. Bos(Schilling)
Bos -160
un 9.5
Tor(Halladay) vs. Det(Rogers)
Tor -110
un 9
Minn(Bonser) vs. KC(Bucknor)
KC +100
un 9.5
Cle(Carmona) vs. CHW(Floyd)
play CHW +150*
un 9.5
Oak(Blanton) vs. Sea(Ramirez)
play Sea -120*
un 9
4 plays going today ,good luck to me!
Bal vs. Cinn
i really ,really, like Bal in this game, but i can't pull the trigger
Bal +2.5
un 40
Ari vs. SF
SF -3
un 45.5

Sunday, September 9, 2007

got all giddy yesterday

after having a great day yesterday, i hope to keep it going, my local guy hasn't answered mt calls today yet, he's good, he's probably just had a bad beat yesterday, he gets like that when alot of people hit him good. anywho i went 6-2 in NCAAF for +380 and 3-2 in MLB for +60, and i ended up playing Pho and the under in WNBA and hit both, i had the CFL ov and side also but didn't play it. well now its on to the NFL, which isn't a strong suit for me, i think in the last 4-5 years i might be at 50%, i know i usually come out losing a little each season, it seems. but i'm a degenerate, i'll keep handicapping away and playing. well heres todays predictions and plays.

Wash(Bergman) vs. ATL(cormeir)
ATL -140
ov 9.5
Hou(Oswalt) vs. NYM(Martinez)
NYM -130
ov 8.5
Mil(Sheets) vs. Cinn(Dumastrait)
Mil -160
ov 10
CHC(Trachsel) vs. Pitt(Morris)
play CHC -110*
ov 9.5
Flor(Willis) vs. Phil(Moyer)
Phil -140
un 10.5
SD(young) vs. Col(Fogg)
SD -120
un 10
LAD(Penny) vs. SF(Cain)
play LAD -120*
ov 7.5
STL(Thompson) vs. Ari(Davis)
Ari -135
ov 9
Sea(hernandez0 vs. det(Bonderman)
Det -130
ov 9
Bos(Beckett) vs. Bal(Guthrie)
Bos -185
ov 9
Tor(Litsch) vs. TB(Sheilds)
Tor +120
ov 9.5
Minn(Santana) vs. CHW(garland)
play Minn -140*
ov 8
NYY(wang) vs. KC(greinke)
NYY -185
ov 9.5
Oak(DiNardo) vs. Tex(Millwood)
play Tex -135*
ov 9.5
Cle(Laffey) vs. LAA(weaver)
LAA -155
ov 9
just 4 plays*, i got alot of leans, i just can't pull the trigger.
KC vs. Hou
KC +3
ov 38
Den vs. Buff
Den -3
ov 37
Pitt vs. Cle
play Pitt -4.5*
un 36.5
Tenn vs. Jax
Tenn +7
ov 38
Car vs. STL
STL -1
ov 43
Phil vs. GB
Phil -3
un 42.5
ATL vs. Minn
Minn -3
play ov 35.5*
Mia vs. Wash
play Wash -3*
un 34.5
N.E. vs. NYJ
N.E. -6.5
un 41
TB vs. Sea
Sea -6
un 41
Chi vs. SD
Chi +6
ov 42.5
Det vs. Oak
Det +2.5
un 39.5
NYG vs. Dal
NYG +6
un 44
just 3 plays going, its early, hard for me to judge the teams.
B.C. vs. Mont
B.C. -2.5
un 48
Sask vs. Winn
Sask +2
un 50.5

Saturday, September 8, 2007

big day

damn, this going to be alot of typing, but i'm handicapping all this out for predictions, of course i'm not playing all this, just some. yesterday was a small but profitable day, if not for LAD losing it could have been better. i knew it would happen after i saw over 85% were on the dodgers, i'm superstitiuos like that, actually it seems to of happened alot this summer, i don't know the actual stats, but i would guess if you faded the public ,you might actually come out ahead. anyway i went 3-2 for +60, heres todays predictions and plays.

W.Virginia vs.Marshall
play W. Vir -24.5*
ov 63
Nevada vs. N'West
Nevada +10
ov 53
Nebraska vs. Wake forest
Nebraska -8.5
un 49.5
Miami vs. Oklahoma
Miami +11
ov 42
Mia Oh vs. Minn
Minn -8.5
un 49.5
Buffalo vs. Temple
Buffalo +3.5
un 46
Akron vs. Ohio St.
play Ohio St. -28.5*
ov 48.5
Duke vs. Virginia
play virginia -17.5*
ov 41
Bama vs. Vandy
Bama -3.5
ov 47.5
Toledo vs. C. Mich
C Mich -3
ov 52.5
B.Green vs. Mich St.
Mich St. -18
un 57.5
Rice vs. baylor
Baylor -7
ov 44
TCU vs. Texas
play Texas -9*
ov 44.5
Miss St. vs. Tulane
Miss St. -5.5
un 45.5
Kent St. vs. Kentucky
play Kentucky -12.5*
ov 52.5
UTEP vs. Texas Tech
Texas Tech -24
ov 63.5
S.Diego St. vs. Wash St.
Wash St. -14
un 49.5
Hawaii vs. Loui. Tech
Hawaii -27.5
ov 76
Syracuse vs. Iowa
Syracuse +22.5
ov 41.5
Indiana vs. W.Mich
Indiana -1 or pk
un 60
S. Flor vs. Auburn
S.Flor +6.5
un 38.5
Vir Tech vs. LSU
LSU -11.5
ov 38
N. Mex St. vs. N.Mex
N.Mex -7
un 55
Wisconsin vs. UNLV
Wisconsin -25
ov 49.5
Col vs. Ari St.
Ari St. -15
ov 53
UL-Monroe vs. Clemson
UL-Monroe +27
ov 51
troy vs, Florida
Florida -26.5
ov 54.5
Flor Atl. vs. Ok St.
Flor Atl +24
ov 54
Ohio vs. UL-Lafayette
UL-Lafay +1
ov 43
Maryland vs. Flor INTL
Maryland -24
ov 47
utah St. vs. Wyoming
Wyoming -24.5
ov 41
S.Jose St. vs. Kansas St.
Kansas st. -19.5
ov 43.5
Cal vs. Col St.
Cal -14
un 62
Mizzu vs. Miss.
play Mizzu -6*
un 55
N.Car St. vs. B.C.
B.C. -13.5
un 49.5
Ball St. vs. E.Mich
Ball St. -3.5
ov 44
Oregon vs. Michigan
Oregon +7
un 64.5
Boise St. vs. Wash
Boise St -3
ov 58
fresno St. vs. Texas AM
Texas AM -17.5
ov 51.5
UAB vs. Flor St.
UAB +35
un 53.5
S.Car vs. Georgia
S.Car +3.5
ov 45
ND vs. Penn St.
Penn St -17
ov 43.5
Air Force vs. Utah
Air Force +7.5
ov 47.5
N.Car vs. E.Car
N.Car +5
un 42
play UCLA -7.5*
ov 47
S.Miss vs. Tenn
play Tenn -10.5*
un 47.5
8 plays going, good luck to me!
Hou(Williams) vs. NYM(Glavine)
NYM -175
ov 9
LAD(Wells) vs. SF(Zito)
LAD +110
ov 9
Flor(Vandenhurk) vs. phil(Ennis)
Phil -175
un 11.5
CHC(Zabrano) vs. Pitt(Snell)
play CHC -120*
ov 8
wash(Chico) vs. ATL(james)
ATL -165
un 10
Mil(Suppan) vs. Cinn(Harang)
Cinn -145
ov 9.5
SD(Maddux) vs. Col(Francis)
play Col -130*
un 9.5
STL(looper) vs. Ari(owings)
Ari +100
ov 9.5
Minn(Garza)vs. CHW(Contreas)
Minn +100
ov 9
Bos(Dice-K) vs. Bal(Leicester)
Bos -200
un 10
Sea(Weaver) vs. Det(robertson)
Det -140
play ov 10.5*
Tor(Burnett) vs. TB(Hammel)
Tor -150
ov 10
NYY(Pettitte) vs. KC(Bannister)
play NYY -150*
ov 9.5
oak(Gauldin) vs. Tex(Gabbard)
Tex -115
un 10
Cle(Sabathia) vs. LAA(Santana)
LAA +115
play ov 8.5*
5 plays* going today. good luck to me!
Ham vs. Tor
Tor -11
ov 44
Pho vs. Det
Pho +2.5
un 184.5

Friday, September 7, 2007

gettin a late start

a little late today, i was busy, but since no one but me reads this, who cares. i guess if i figured out how to get ads and put them up and drive traffic, i would give a shit more. anyway heres todays predictions and plays.

CHC(Hill) vs. Pitt(Gorzelanny)
Pitt -110
ov 8
Flor(Kim) vs. Phil(Durbin)
Flor +140
ov 11.5
Hou(Rodriguez) vs. NYM(Pelfry)
NYM -150
ov 9
Mil(Bush) vs. Cinn(Arroyo)
play Cinn -115*
ov 10
Wash(Hanrahan) vs. ATL(Smoltz)
ATL -240
un 9
SD(Germano) vs. Col(Dessens)
play SD -110*
un 11
STL(Wainwright) vs. ARI(Webb)
STL +120
ov 7.5
LAD(Billingsly) vs. SF(Sanchez)
play LAD -140*
ov 8.5
Bos(Lester) vs. Bal(Cabrea)
play Bos -140*
ov 10
Sea(Bastista) vs. Det(Verlander)
Det -160
ov 9.5
Tor(McGowan) vs. TB(Jackson)
Tor -120
ov 10
Oak(Haren) vs. Tex(Volquez)
Oak -140
un 9.5
NYY(Kennedy) vs. KC(Meche)
NYY -160
ov 10
Minn(Silva) vs. CHW(Vasquez)
CHW -120
ov 8.5
Cle(Westbrook) vs. LAA(Lackey)
play LAA -140*
ov 9
5 plays for me, good luck to me.
Navy vs. Rutgers
Rutgers -16
ov 48
Cal vs. EDM
Cal -2
ov 55.5

Thursday, September 6, 2007

i knew it, i knew it...

everytime i get greedy and try and play more than 4-5 games ,i get burnt. took a beating yesterday, went 3-6 for -360. well not much on tap today. heres my predictions and plays.

Pitt(Bullington) vs. STL(Maroth)
Pitt +135
ov 10
LAD(Lowe) vs. CHC(Marquis)
CHC -110
ov 9.5
CHW(Buehrle) vs. Det(Durbin)
CHW +120
play ov 9.5*
Bos(Wakefield) vs. Bal(Olsen)
Bos -165
ov 10.5
Cle(Byrd) vs. LAA(Escobar)
LAA -150
play ov 8.5*
just 2 plays for me, good luck to me!
Ore St. vs. Cinn
Ore St. -3.5
ov 45.5
Mid Tenn St. vs. Louisville
Louisville -40
ov 61.5
N.O. vs. Indy
Indy -6
0v 53