Sunday, September 9, 2007

got all giddy yesterday

after having a great day yesterday, i hope to keep it going, my local guy hasn't answered mt calls today yet, he's good, he's probably just had a bad beat yesterday, he gets like that when alot of people hit him good. anywho i went 6-2 in NCAAF for +380 and 3-2 in MLB for +60, and i ended up playing Pho and the under in WNBA and hit both, i had the CFL ov and side also but didn't play it. well now its on to the NFL, which isn't a strong suit for me, i think in the last 4-5 years i might be at 50%, i know i usually come out losing a little each season, it seems. but i'm a degenerate, i'll keep handicapping away and playing. well heres todays predictions and plays.

Wash(Bergman) vs. ATL(cormeir)
ATL -140
ov 9.5
Hou(Oswalt) vs. NYM(Martinez)
NYM -130
ov 8.5
Mil(Sheets) vs. Cinn(Dumastrait)
Mil -160
ov 10
CHC(Trachsel) vs. Pitt(Morris)
play CHC -110*
ov 9.5
Flor(Willis) vs. Phil(Moyer)
Phil -140
un 10.5
SD(young) vs. Col(Fogg)
SD -120
un 10
LAD(Penny) vs. SF(Cain)
play LAD -120*
ov 7.5
STL(Thompson) vs. Ari(Davis)
Ari -135
ov 9
Sea(hernandez0 vs. det(Bonderman)
Det -130
ov 9
Bos(Beckett) vs. Bal(Guthrie)
Bos -185
ov 9
Tor(Litsch) vs. TB(Sheilds)
Tor +120
ov 9.5
Minn(Santana) vs. CHW(garland)
play Minn -140*
ov 8
NYY(wang) vs. KC(greinke)
NYY -185
ov 9.5
Oak(DiNardo) vs. Tex(Millwood)
play Tex -135*
ov 9.5
Cle(Laffey) vs. LAA(weaver)
LAA -155
ov 9
just 4 plays*, i got alot of leans, i just can't pull the trigger.
KC vs. Hou
KC +3
ov 38
Den vs. Buff
Den -3
ov 37
Pitt vs. Cle
play Pitt -4.5*
un 36.5
Tenn vs. Jax
Tenn +7
ov 38
Car vs. STL
STL -1
ov 43
Phil vs. GB
Phil -3
un 42.5
ATL vs. Minn
Minn -3
play ov 35.5*
Mia vs. Wash
play Wash -3*
un 34.5
N.E. vs. NYJ
N.E. -6.5
un 41
TB vs. Sea
Sea -6
un 41
Chi vs. SD
Chi +6
ov 42.5
Det vs. Oak
Det +2.5
un 39.5
NYG vs. Dal
NYG +6
un 44
just 3 plays going, its early, hard for me to judge the teams.
B.C. vs. Mont
B.C. -2.5
un 48
Sask vs. Winn
Sask +2
un 50.5

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