Monday, September 3, 2007

it poured losers last week

man, i sucked ass last week, i lost -955 in MLB. i'm not playing anymore RL's the rest of the season, i've been burnt to many times. luckily, i saved some of the bleeding last week by hitting on a couple WNBA plays and i started Football of good. yesterday i hit all my sides but struck out on those RL's in MLB, but i still came out a whopping 15 dollars ahead. heres todays predictions and plays

Flor(R.Vandenhurk) vs. Wash(J.Bergman)
play flor +110*
ov 9
Phil(J.Moyer) vs. ATL(L.Cormier)
Phil -110
ov 11
NYM(P.Martinez) vs. Cinn(A.Harang)
Cinn -120
un 9
Hou(R.Oswalt) vs. Mil(B.Sheets)
play Mil -125*
un 7.5
Pitt(I.Snell) vs. STL(K.Wells)
play STL -135*
ov 9.5
S.F.(M.Cain) vs. Col(J.Francis)
play Col -140*
un 9
LAD(E.Loaiza) vs. CHC(C.Zabrano)
LAD +150
SD(G.Maddux) vs. Ari(M.Owings)
play ARi +105*
un 9
Sea(F.Hernandez) vs. NYY(R.Clmens)
NYY -170
ov 10
Cle(C.Sabathia) vs. Minn(J.Santan)
play Cle +110*
un 7
Tor(J.Litsch) vs. Bos(Dice-K)
Bos -200
un 9.5
Bal(K.Birkins) vs. TB(J.Sheilds)
TB no-line as of post
KC(Z.Greinke) vs. Tex(K.Loe)
KC +100
ov 9.5
Oak(C.Gaudin) vs. LAA(E.Santana)
play LAA -150*
play ov 9.5*
8 plays going this holiday, good luck to me!
Tor vs. Ham
Tor -1.5
ov 39
EDM vs. Cal
Cal -6
ov 55
Texas Tech vs. SMU
T.T. -9
ov 59.5
Flor St. vs. Clemson
Flor St -3.5
un 45.5
i'm leaning with T.T. -9 and the under in F.S./Clemson

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