Saturday, September 1, 2007

finally a profitable day

i went 3-2 yesterday with my MLB plays, but actually i went 3-1 ,because i had a pitching change on one game, so i came out +200. big weekend of stuff going on, i'm going to have to be selective on what i play, theres so much shit to bet on, you got college football, baseball, the WNBA, well actually theres more than that, hell. i might even play a NASCAR play if something looks good or a CFL play. well heres some handicapped predictions and plays....


West Mich vs. W. Virginia

W. Virginia -24

ov 56.5

East Carolina vs. Virginia Tech

V. Tech -27.5

ov 40.5

Marshall vs. Miami

play Miami -18*

un 48

U Conn vs. Duke

U Conn -4.5

un 52.5

U.Virginia vs. Wyoming

Virginia -3

ov 41.5

nevada vs. Nebraska

Nebraska -21

ov 49.5

houston vs. Oregon

Oregon -16

un 57.5

Wash St. vs. Wisconsin

Wisconsin -14.5

un 49.5

G.Tech vs. N.D.

G.Tech +1

un 45

UCLA vs. Stanford

play UCLA -16.5*

un 46.5

Wake Forest vs. B.C.

B.C. -6

ov 43

Ok St. vs. Georgia

Ok St. +6.5

un 56.5

Col St. vs. Col

Col -2.5

ov 45

E.Mich vs. Pitt

Pitt -20

ov 46.5

Purdue vs. Toledo

play Purdue -6.5*

ov 55.5

Kansas St. vs. Auburn

Auburn -13

ov 45

Tenn vs. Cal

Cal -6

ov 54.5

Idaho vs. USC

USC -47

ov 58.5

Flor Int vs. Penn St

Penn St -38

ov 50.5

Ark St. vs. Texas

Texas -39

ov 52.5

N.Texas vs. Oklahoma

Oklahoma -39

ov 55.5

UL Lafayette vs. S.C.

S.C. -28

ov 45

Elon vs. S. Flor

S.Flor -39

E. Ky. vs. UofK

UofK -34

App. St. vs. Michigan

play Michigan -27.5*

Younstown vs. Ohio St.

Ohio St. -31

S.Car St. vs. Air Force

Air Force -21

Villinova vs. Maryland

Maryland -30.5

James Madison vs. N.Carolina

N. Carolina -11.5

Ind st. vs. Indiana

Indiana -33.5

4 Plays* going today
i'll try to be back later with all the MLB predictions and plays

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