Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All Star Game

last night i hit my only pick, a AFL game. i knew i should have parlayed it, cause i picked the under, but anyway i picked the side right and picked up 100 bucks. tonight is the all-star game in MLB. i'm a national league fan, so i want them to win, but in reality the AL will probably dominate again. i'm not playing anything on it, but heres my predictions.

American league vs. National league
Al -130
AL RL -1.5 +120
AL RL -2.5 +200
thats how i think eveything will turn out.
i forgot to put my WNBA plays up
Chi vs. DET
Det -8.5
Minn vs. Wash
Wash -5.5
Ind vs. Hou
play Ind -6.5*
just 1 play*

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