Sunday, July 22, 2007

when it rains it pours.

man, being a gambler sucks when you have back-to-back days like i've had. sometimes you wonder why you even look up stats and trends. nothing has been going like it should or should i say like i thought it would. i went 3-5 in MLB for a -260 loss and i missed my WNBA play, i don't know what happened in that game, the Fever was kicking the shit out of the Sky when i checked the score midway through the 3rd, then when i checked the final the Sky had came back and won. i know the bookmakers came out good on some games yesterday. the Cubs, Rockies, Reds, and Angels were all in the 70% range with the public siding with them to win. The Tigers actually got lucky as fuck to cover the 1.5 run-line, i actually started cheering for the Royals when they tied it up in top of the 9th. i also hadn't cheered so hard for R. Klesco since he was a Brave, i had already wrote off the over in the S.F./Mil game, then the Giants scored 5 in the top of the 9th, there was a runner on 3rd with 2 outs and Klesco was up, i was like "come on, one more run", but it didn't happen. anyway heres todays predictions and plays.

Cinn(B. Arroyo) vs. Flo(R.Van Hurk)
Flo pk -110
Hou(W.Williams) vs. Pitt(J. van Benschoten)
Hou pk -110
play ov9*
Col(J.Fogg) vs. Wash(T.Redding)
Wash even +100
S.F.(B. Zito) vs. Mil(C.Vargas)
i don't see Mil getting swept, and they hit lefties well
play Mil -140*
Ari(Y.Petit0 vs. CHC(S.Marshall)
CHC -170
Phil(J.Durbin) vs. S.D.(J.Peavy)
S.D. -220
NYM(O.Hernandez) vs. LAD(M.Hendrekson)
play NYM -120*
STL(B.Thompson) vs. ATL(J.Reyes)
STL even +100
K.C.(B.Bannister) vs. Det(N.Robertson)
Det -170
play ov9.5*
T.B.(J.Sheilds) vs. NYY(A.Pettite)
NYY -190
Sea(H.Ramirez) vs. Tor(R.Halladay)
Sea +120
play ov8.5*
CHW(J.Garland) vs. Bos(T.Wakefeild)
Wakefield's old knuckleball won't hold up, the White Sox have been swinging the bats good against righties lately and Garland is too good for the slumping Red Sox
play CHW +140*
LAA(J.Saunders) vs. Minn(M.Garza)
LAA have been sucking,their bats have went cold
play Minn -120*
Bal(J.Guthrie) vs. Oak(D.Braden)
Oak pk -110
Cle(P.Byrd) vs. Tex(R.Tejada)
Cle -140
theres my 7 plays* for the day. good luck to me.

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