Wednesday, July 18, 2007

another split day

i'm posting these early using the overnight lines, i'll update when i get a chance. well last night was a split in MLB for my plays, i went 3-3 but still picked up +80 because of the Royals being big dogs, i know i listed the wrong pitcher for the royals, but thats what yahoo had listed. my guy took it anyway, i was aware of the change just didn't feel like coming back and updating, since no one reads this but me. i missed my WNBA play, actually i picked them all wrong, but i only played 1 , so overall yesterday i lost -30, +80 in MLB and -110 in WNBA = -30 for the day, not bad , i can live with that. now its time to pick some winners. i also don't pick this stuff blindly, though it may seem at times. i handicapp everyone of my plays* that i post. i rely on recent success and trends and sometimes gut instinct. and i don't rate my plays, when i pick something i pick it because i think i'm going to win.

Col(J.Francis) vs. Pitt(I.Snell)
play Col pk -110*
Cinn(A.Harang) vs. ATL(J.Smoltz)
ATL -160
Hou(J.Jennings) vs. Wash(J.Bergman)
play Wash even +100*
S.F.(M.Cain) vs. CHC(C.Zambrano)
CHC -180
Phil(K.Kendrick) vs. LAD(C.Billingsly)
play LAD -140*
STL(K.Wells) vs. Flor(D.Willis)
Flor -140
play ov9.5*
Ari(D.Davis) vs. Mil(C.Capuano)
Mil -140
NYM(J.Maine) vs. S.D.(G.Maddux)
S.D. pk -110
CHW(M.Buehrle) vs. Cle(J.Westbrook)
Cle -140
Tex(K.Millwood) vs. Oak(L.DiNardo)
play tex +110*
K.C.(O.Perez) vs. Bos(J.Tavarez)
Bos -190
play ov 10.5*
Tor(S.Marcum) vs. NYY(R.Clemens)
play Tor pk -110*
LAA(B.Colon) vs. T.B.(S.Kazmir)
play LAA pk -110*
Det(A.Miller) vs. Minn(J.Santana)
Minn -200
Bal(E.Bedard) vs. Sea(J.Washburn)
Sea pk -110
i got 8 plays* i 'm playing today. good luck to me!

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