Monday, July 23, 2007

this is getting comical

i'm not laughing out of joy, but out of misery and frustration. i think i should just flip a coin on who wins sometimes. yesterday i went 2-5 for a -350 loss. i actually predicted the ov/un's at 9-4-2 yesterday, the problem is 2 of those losses i played. how the fuck could 2 pitchers who are about as shitty as can be this year have a 1-0 ballgame, i'm not even going to explain the rest. heres my plays and predictions.

Mil(C.Capuano) vs. Cinn(A.Harang)
Capuano hasn't won since May 7
Cinn -130
LAD(C.Bllingsley) vs. Hou(C.Sampson)
Billingsley's last 4 games, he has only gave up runs of 4,0,3,0
play LAD -120*
S.D.(G.Maddux) vs. Col(J.Francis)
Maddux last game @Col 7hits, 4runs, loss, S.D. batting vs. lefties .255
Francis since june 14 5-0 and 2 no-dec's 4-0 on road in that span
Col batting .269 vs. righties and .294 as a team at home
play Col -140*
Flor(D.Willis) vs. Ari(D.Davis)
Willis 1-3 in career vs. Ari and has lost 2 straight at home to STL,Wash
but Flor is batting .283 vs. lefties and .270 as a team on the road
Ari bats .224 vs. lefties and only .259 as a team at home
Flo even +100
ATL(J.Smoltz) vs. S.F.(M.Cain)
Cain isn't bad ,he just gets no run support
Braves are playing a little better
ATL -120
play ov8*
Bos(J.Lester) vs. Cle(J.Wesbrook)
Lester is 1-0 vs. Cle, but that was a year or so ago
Westbrook is 3-1 vs. Bos, but he hasn't won a game since April 27
both teams batting about matched
Minn(J.Santana) vs. Tor(S.Marcum)
Santana only 2-3 vs. Tor
Marcum on June 26 @Minn he lost 1-2 ,pitched 8in, 6hit,1run ball
Tor is hitting .294 vs. lefties
play Tor +120*
NYY(R.Clemens) vs. K.C.(O.Perez)
Clemens 20-6 career vs. K.C., Clemens record may not look pretty since he came back
but in his last 6 games he has only given up runs of 1,5,1,1,4,1
NYY is hitting .273 vs. lefties and .272 as a team on the road
Perez last time vs. Yanks, 4.2in , 8hit 8run
NYY -180
Det(A.Miller) vs. CHW(M.Buehrle)
Miller 's last 3 games, 2-1 runs of 1,3,1
Det is hitting lefties .299 and they hit .288 on the road as a team
CHW hit .237 vs. lefties and only .245 at home as a team
play Det pk -110*
Sea(H.Ramirez) vs. Tex(K.Millwood)
Ramirez last 4 games 3-0 and 1 no-dec, gave up runs of 2,3,3,1
Millwood last game @Sea , no-dec, 5in 10hit 7run
Sea hitting .274 vs. righties and .272 as a team on road
Tex hitting .263 vs. lefties and .265 as a team at home
play Sea even +100*
Oak(C.Gaudin) vs. LAA(B.Colon)
Gaudin won @ home vs. LAA april 17 he threw 4hit 1 run ball
april 5 @LAA he won , 5in , 5hit, 2run ball
Colon has a 6-3 record vs. Oak but hasn't faced them this year
Oak is hitting righties .250
LAA is hitting .280 vs. righties and .307 as a team at home
edge to LAA -130
there's my 6 plays*, good luck to me.

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