Monday, July 30, 2007

small slate today

not much going on today, no womens b-ball, no CFL, no soccer, just a couple baseball games. yesterday i went 3-5 in MLB for a -265 loss, but i saved the damage by hitting both the side and under in the Arena Bowl, and i went 2-1 in WNBA, so overall i managed to squeak out +25 dollars, whoo hoo! well heres todays predictions and plays.

Phil(C.Hamels) vs. CHC(T.Lilly)
play CHC pk -110*
Tor(D.Mcgowan) vs. T.B.(A.Sonnastine)
play Tor -130*
play ov9*
K.C.(G.Meche) vs. Minn(S.Baker)
K.C. +110
play un9*
Det(J.Tata) vs. Oak(J.Blanton)
Oak -120
play un9.5*
LAA(K.Escobar) vs. Sea(M.Bastista)
Sea +110
play ov8.5*
6 plays* on this small day, good luck to me.

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