Thursday, August 23, 2007

another day another 10 bucks

another day another split, but hey, i managed +10 dollars, thats better than -10. i'm liking the board today a little better. how about that football, i mean baseball game between the Rangers and O's, i handicapped the Rangers to win both games but didn't play them, oh well, that could be said for a bunch of games. i don't submit my picks or plays to a handicapping monitored service , but i do try to get my ballot in each day at , and i'm picking at 50% on the season in MLB, actually if you take out my DNP(did not play) days, i'm at 55%, if you don't get your ballot in by the time of the first game of the day, your shot, so i have a bunch of 0-14 or 0-15 days, if you take those out like i said i'm closer to 50%. you can look me up on there ,im the "clutchcard". i also have been doing good since i joined in june,i'm "the-crutch", i've picked up a couple of awards already. you submit your picks for games, either straight-up sides(winners) or over/unders, the over/unders on some games are way off from the gambling lines sometimes, so my record on those isn't quite as good. but so far my record is 468-343 on sides and 435-374 on ov/un's , the bad thing is even though i handicap out every game, i don't play every game, i don't have that kind of disposable income, so i just look for games i feel strongest about. well hers todays handicapped predictions and plays.


LAD(C.Billingsly) vs. Phil(F.Castro)

no-line as of post

over if no more then 9
Pitt(P.Maholm) vs. Col(F.Morales)
play Col -140*
un 11
CHC(C.Zambrano) vs. S.F.(M.Cain)
CHC -130
un 7.5
S.D.(J.Germano) vs. NYM(T.Glavine)
NYM -150
un 8.5
play NYM -1.5 +140*
ATL(B.Carlyle) vs. Cinn(E.Ramirez)
ATL -120
un 11.5
Wash(J.Lannan) vs. Hou(J.Guierrez)
play Wash +100*
un 9.5
Flor(R.Vandenhurk) vs. STL(A.Reyes)
STL -170
ov 9.5
Cle(J.Westbrook) vs. Det(N.Robertson)
play Cle -110*
un 10
Minn(B.Bonser) vs. Bal(S.Trachsel)
Bal -110
ov 9.5
Oak(C.Gaudin) vs. T.B.(J.Hammel)
play Oak -120*
un 10
Bos(J.Beckett) vs. CHW(J.Danks)
Bos -190
un 9
play Bos -1.5 -120*
Sea(J.Weaver) vs. Tex(K.Loe)
Sea -130
un 11
Tor(J.Litsch) vs. LAA(E.Santana)
Tor +130
ov 9.5
6 plays* going tonight, good luck to me!
Ind vs. Conn
play Conn -4*
ov 142.5
S.A. vs. Sac
S.A. +3
ov 141.5
just 1 play*, i'm kinda leaning with the over in S.A./Sac
Jax vs. G.B.
Jax -2.5
ov 38.5
N.O. vs. K.C.
K.C. -1.5
ov 37

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