Saturday, August 11, 2007

I have to right this ship, NOW!

i don't know what to say, but, DAMN! yesterday after Boston finally got to Bedard in the top of the 8th and then the O's manager put in Bradford and Boston kept increasing their lead, i thought "O.K., a win", but NO, fuckin' Gagne had to piss it away in the bottom of the 8th. I had wrote the other day about being burned when i play the Indians when Carmona or Sabathia pitches. before the All-Star break Sabathia had pitched 12 times at home, going 9-1 with 2 no-decisions and the tribe had won 11 of 12. Carmona before the All-Star game, had pitched 8 home games, going 5-2 with 1 no-dec and the tribe had won 6 of the 8. since the All-Star break, Sabathia has lost 3 in a row at home, with 5 runs of support. Carmona has gone 2-2 since the break, losing the last 2, with 1 run of support. i can't figure out the White Sox either, i was fading this team before the break against left-handed pitching, they were only hitting barely over .220, they still haven't fared well, winning only 3 of 7, but they have raised their average to a little over .240, i still think Seattle has the superior team and the better bullpen, just the score didn't show it. Talking about teams before the all-star break and after against starting lefties. the Astro's despite hitting just under .280 against lefties were on a 2-8 skid, since then they're 7-3. Philly who were horrible against lefties before the break, now have went 7-1. the Braves are on a 1-4 skid against southpaws since the break. the Dodgers were eating up lefties before the break, and since have went 1-6. the Tigers who led the league at 19-7 and were hitting over .300 against left-handed starters, have since went 3-4. another thing about yesterday games, i didn't play this game, but i'm curious what was going through the manager of the Giants head, was he saying to him-self " you know Ortiz has pitched great ball, lets pull him and find someone to piss this game away. i'll try Atchison, damn, he's pitching great also, ok, i'll try Messenger, damn, he's pitching to good too, lets try Sanchez, Yes, thank you Sanchez, i was trying to piss this win away"
another babble about yesterday. i went 2-3 in MLB for -150, but i also lost my WNBA play that 84% percent were siding with me on and i lost my CFL play that 69% were with me on. so overall i lost -370. i should ahve just played the NFL pre(fake)season i picked the sides at 3-0-1 and the ov/un's at 3-1. oh well. heres todays predictions and plays.

Pitt(T.Armas) vs. S.F.(T.Linecum)
S.F. -210
play ov 8*
LAD(D.Lowe) vs. STL(B.Looper)
LAD pk -110
play ov 8.5*
S.D.(J.Germano) vs. Cinn(B.Livingston)
revenge is sweet and Livingston pitches good at home and he's a hitter
play Cinn pk -110*
ATL(L.Cormeir) vs. Phil(A.Eaton)
ATL +110
Mil(J.Suppan) vs. Hou(W.Rodriquez)
i know Rodriquez is virtually un-hittable at home, but i still like Mil's hitting vs. lefties and the bullpen seems to have improved as of late
Mil +110
Flor(S.Olsen) vs. NYM(T.Glavine)
Glavine has the pressure off after getting 300 and revenge is the factor after Wagner blowing apart after 2 months of domination
NYM -170
ov 8.5
play NYM -1.5 +120*
CHC(R.Hill) vs. Col(J.Fogg)
I know Hill has pitched well, but the Rock's aren't getting swept at home and Fogg pitches good at home
play Col pk -110*
un 10.5
Wash(J.Lannan) vs. Ari(B.Webb)
Webb has been lights-out his last 3
Ari -220
un 8.5
Bos(J.Beckett) vs. Bal(G.Olsen)
as long as Gagne doesn't get to pitch
Bos -160
play Bos -1.5 +100*
Oak(D.Haren) vs. Det(J.Verlander)
Det is going backwards, and Oakland is and does play well in August
play Oak +100*
Sea(M.Bastista) vs. CHW(G.Floyd)
Sea has too many good hitters and a strong pen
play Sea -130*
ov 10.5
NYY(M.Mussina) vs. Cle(P.Byrd)
the Tribe need to right their ship and Byrd is the word
Cle +100
ov 10
Tor(D.McGowen) vs. K.C.(L.Nunez)
Toronto has owned K.C. lately
play Tor -120*
un 9.5
T.B.(E.Jackson) vs. Tex(J.Rheinecker)
the Rays suck against lefties, i know Rheinecker isn't great, but the Rangers have hitters
play Tex -120*
ov 10.5
Minn(C.Silva) vs. LAA(J.Lackey)
Silva has been successfull in the past against LAA, but the Halo's at home are tough
LAA -220
play ov 8*
this is alot, 11 plays* going today, good luck to me.
G.B. vs. Pitt
Pitt -6.5
un 35.5
Jax vs. Mia
Jax -2.5
un 34
K.C. vs. Cle
K.C. +3
un 34.5
Wash vs. Tenn
Tenn -3
un 35.5
Car vs. NYG
Car pk
un 34.5
Chi vs. Hou
Chi -1
un 32.5
Ari vs. Oak
Ari +1
un 35
you may notice i picked under in all games, thats because there's not alot of scoring in preseason
Ham vs. Edm
Edm -4.5
ov 52.5
Ind vs. Det
Det -7.5
ov 141
Hou vs. S.A.
play S.A. -7*
ov 146
Conn vs. Chi
Conn -1.5
ov 150.5
L.A. vs. Pho
Pho -10.5
ov 174
Wash vs. Sea
Sea -3
ov 156
just 1 play*, but i really like the lean on Pho and Sea covering

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