Thursday, August 16, 2007

just a little late

since i'm the only person who reads this blog that i write, i guess it doesn't matter that i'm late putting this up. i had these games worked out late last night but went to bed, i didn't have time this morning before i went to work to put this up. when i came home this afternoon the power was out ,we had some thunderstorms, then my brother called and asked to help him move some things, he just bought a patio home recently. anyway Wednesday was a bust ,i went 2-4 for -200 , here was todays predictions and plays, as always you can search me on and you can search me on under "clutchcard", anyway heres the late picks.

STL(A.Wainwright) vs. Mil(D.Bush)
STL +100
ov 9
Cinn(B.Livingston) vs. CHC(J.Marquis)
Cinn +130
un 9
NYM(B.Lawreance) vs. Pitt(T.Armas)
play Pitt +110*
un 9.5
Phil(C.Hamels) vs. Wash(J.Hanrahan)
Phil -170
un 8.5
Phil -1.5 -110
Ari(L.hernandez) vs. Flor(D.Barone)
play Ari pk -110*
ov 9.5
S.F.(T.Linecum) vs. ATL(C.James)
S.F. +130
ov 8.5
Col(E.Dessens) vs. S.d.(C.Hensly)
Col pk -110
ov 9
Hou(W.Rodriguez) vs. LAD(D.Lowe)
Hou +130
ov 8
Oak(D.Haren) vs. CHW(J.Vasques)
Oak -140
un 8
Det(J.Verlander) vs. NYY(M.Mussina)
NYY -150
ov 9.5
LAA(K.Escobar) vs. Tor(D.McGowan)
Tor +100
un 9
K.C.(L.Nunez) vs. Tex(J.Rheinecker)
K.C. pk -110
un 10
2 plays* going
Mia vs. K.C.
K.C. -3
un 33.5

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