Monday, August 13, 2007

feelin' better

man, I'm feeling better today. Saturday night i went out and drank a few then my brother called me , like 20 minutes after i got home, it was like 3:30 in the morning, and invited me over to his friends house, who lives right by me. there was about 8 people there playing cards, nickel and dime stuff, i think i lost $3.50, maybe, anyway, i got home about 7 a.m. and set my alarm for noon, i didn't get up till 5 p.m. , oh well, i needed abreak from picking losers. the bad thing is, i had all my picks worked out the night before and submitted them to fan sites i play on. I went 11-4 picking sides and 11-4 in ov/un's in MLB yesterday, and the 5 or 6 plays i was going to play all would have hit. you can check my records here my screen-name is "the-crutch", you can check my profile also ,also i play on a site called ,where you get points for winning and can use them in a raffle type drawing, they're always giving away gift cards or small electronics, my screen-name/handle is "clutchcard". i'm picking at 50% in MLB on the year, it should be higher, but when you don't get your ballot in on time the whole day counts against you, so i have alot of 0-14 or 0-15 days, if you just say i hit 40% on those days(cause if you look through, i don't have many days under 50%) i would be closer to 54-55% on the year. now thats for just sides, run-lines and ov/un's aren't included. now, i don't play every game everyday, i don't have that kind of disposable income, but it proves my handicapping skills. you can look me up on at
now heres todays predictions and what i'm playing

game 1
S.F.(M.Cain) vs. Pitt(P.Maholm)
Cain is way better than his record shows
S.F. -120
game 2
S.F.(N.Lowry) vs. Pitt(S.Youman)
I know Lowry's been having forearm problems, but he's still the better pitcher in this game
S.F. pk -110
Hou(R.Oswalt) vs. LAD(C.Billingsly)
i know everyone is high on Oswalt's recent performance, but Billingsly has pitched well also, he just hasn't got any run support, LAD is back from a week-long road trip, C.Martin was just given a day of rest and L.Gonzalez has been resting, and this is the 1st time this year Oswalt has faced the boys in blue
LAD -120
T.B.(J.Sheilds) vs. Bos(T.Wakefield)
Boston trying to hold off the Yanks, and Wakefield's old-ass knuckleball, last time AT Tampa he threw 6inn of 1 run ball, he's like 17-2 lifetime, nough said
Bos -180
Oak(Gaudin) vs. Det(C.Durbin)
Gaudin hasn't won in over a month, but most losses have been on the road to good hitting teams, yes, i know Det hits good, but Oakland always comes alive in Aug, and i'm not sold on the Tigers former reliever turned starter, if it comes down to pens, Oak with the edge
Oak +130
Bal(J.Guthrie) vs. NYY(C.Wang)
Guthrie just faced the Yanks at home about 2 weeks ago and went 6inn for 2 runs and a win
Wang just faced the O's away about 2 weeks ago for 6inn 3 run and a win.
if Guthrie keeps it close, cause Yanks pen is suspect
Posada may be resting, but the rest of the Yanks, minus A-Rod, are hitting the cover off and the Yanks are at home
NYY -250
Tor(J.Litsch) vs. K.C.(O.Perez)
Litsch has only given up 4 runs in his last 3 starts, the Jay's are hitting .293 vs. lefties
Perez faced Tor once this year ,way back on Apr. 9, going 1.1inn 7h 4r
play Tor -120*
un 9.5
Minn(J.Santana) vs. Sea(F.Hernandez)
if Santana is so good,why is this line so close, because Sea plays good, no, great at home.
and they hit lefties well too
i don't care Santana is 7-1 against Sea.
play Sea even +100*
just 2 plays*
Phil vs. Bal
Bal -3.5
ov 31.5
Den vs. S.F.
S.F. -3
un 35

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