Tuesday, August 28, 2007

swing and a miss

struck out yesterday, 0-2 in baseball, i really thought the fish had a good chance to beat the braves, the braves had been horrible since the break against left-handed starters, and the fish always play them tough at home. and Zona and Pads had only played un 7, like 2 times this year against each other, oh well, i split my WNBA picks, so -10 there and -230 in MLB ,equals a shitty -240 day. well heres todays handicapped predictions and plays

Cinn(E.Ramirez) vs. Pitt(T.Gorzelanny)
Pitt -160
ov 9.5
NYM(T.Glavine) vs. Phil(A.Eaton)
NYM -125
ov 10.5
ATL(J.Smoltz) vs. Flor(R.Vandenhurk)
ATL -170
ov 10
ATL -1.5 -120
STL(B.Looper) vs. Hou(W.Williams)
play STL pk -110*
ov 9
Mil(J.Suppan) vs. CHC(R.Hill)
CHC -160
ov 10
Cinn(B.Arroyo) vs. Pitt(P.Maholm)
Cinn pk -110
ov 9
Ari(B.Webb) vs. J.Germano)
Ari -150
ov 7
Wash(J.Bergman) vs. LAD(C.Billingsly)
LAD -170
ov 8
Col(F.Morelas) vs. S.F.(M.Cain)
S.F. -150
un 8.5
T.B.(J.Hammel) vs. Bal(D.Cabrea)
Bal -170
un 10
play Bal -1.5 +130*
Minn(B.Bonser) vs. Cle(J.Wesbrook)
Cle -160
ov 9
play Cle -1.5 +140*
Bos(D.matsuzuka) vs. NYY(A.Pettitte)
NYY -130
ov 9.5
Det(N.Robertson) vs. K.C.(B.Bannister)
K.C. pk -110
ov 9
CHW(G.Floyd) vs. Tex(K.Gabbard)
Tex -160
un 10.5
play Tex -1.5 +120*
LAA(E.Santana) vs. Sea(J.Weaver)
LAA +100
ov 10
Tor(J.Litsch) vs. Oak(C.Gaudin)
Oak -120
un 8.5
4 plays* today and 3 are RL plays, i hate laying more then -150 on a game ,but i also hate playing RL's, i always seem to get burnt by that half run.
N.Y. vs. Det
N.Y. +7.5
un 145.5

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