Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i knew those RL's would kill me

i don't know why i keep playing RL's ,they always bite me in the ass. so i struck out on the RL's 0-3 but did hit my side on STL, hell, i would have been better playing all sides i handicapped them out and predicted them 10-6, but NO, i had to play Run-lines. also i laid off the final in the WNBA's Det/N.Y. series and picked the side and un right, damn! oh well back at it today, heres todays handicapped predictions and plays.

Wash(S.Hill) vs. LAD(B.Penny)
Wash +170
un 7.5
Col(J.Francis) vs. S.F.(N.Lowry)
S.F. -110
play ov 8*
Cinn(A.Harang) vs. Pitt(I.Snell)
play Cinn -110*
ov 8.5
NYM(O.Perez) vs. Phil(J.Moyer)
play Phil +100*
ov 11
ATL(B.Carlyle) vs. Flor(D.Willis)
play Flor -110*
un 10.5
STL(K.Wells) vs. Hou(R.Oswalt)
Hou -150
ov 8.5
Mil(B.Sheets) vs. CHC(C.Zabrano)
no-line as of this post, but the cubbies should roll
Ari(M.Owings) vs. S.D.(G.Maddux)
S.D. -150
ov 8
Tor(R.Halladay) vs. Oak(L.DiNardo)
Oak +120
un 8
LAA(J.Weaver) vs. Sea(F.Hernandez)
play Sea -120*
ov 8.5
T.B.(J.Sheilds) vs. Bal(S.Trachsel)
Bal +100
ov 9
Bos(J.Beckett) vs. NYY(R.Clemens)
NYY -110
ov 9.5
Minn(J.Santana) vs. Cle(C.Sabathia)
play Minn -110*
ov 7.5
Det(A.Miller) vs. K.C.(Z.Greinke)
K.C. +100
un 10
CHW(J.Garland) vs. Tex(K.Loe)
CHW -110
ov 10.5
6 plays* today, good luck to me!

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