Tuesday, August 21, 2007

well ,i've been away for a few days, posting, that is. well to recap from saturday, i posted 4 plays, i came out a whopping +10 dollars, i planned on coming back to post the night-time A.L. games, but i got side-tracked working on my jeep, trying to put a new CV joint in, then i had a fantasy football party to go to, my team is shit ,as usual. anyway i called my bookie and played 3 more, i played Bos -130, the over in Min/Tex, and the over in CHW/Sea, i went 2-1 for +90, so overall Sat. i game out +100, not shabby. Sunday i was at the state fair(Kentucky state fair) all day, i would like to say i got drunk all day, but its been so fuckin' hot, it's been like 90+ the past 2 weeks, its even hit 100 a couple times, and the humidity is like 80-90%, the air is so thick its hard to breath and you just sweat as soon as you walk outside. basically i spent the whole day at the fair like some jaded old man, bitchin and moaning about everything, i spent most of the daytime in the wings or halls, where its air-conditioned, signing up for free shit from all the vendors, trying to win stuff i don't even need, like "gutters", i live in an apartment , what am i going to do if i win "gutters". the free concert over at old cardinal stadium was cool, i didn't have a ticket to see the big concert in freedom hall, hell, its was sold out since the announced it, it was Trace Atkins, dierks Bientley, and kelly Pickler. not really my kind of music, but to each his own.
well sunday turned out to be another kick-ass day od plays and predictons ,but i didn't post them, so you'll just have to take my word on it, or you can follow this link and see i got 1st place sunday at www.faniq.com, this should show you my win http://www.faniq.com/poll_results_game.php?sport_id=1&date=2007-08-19&id=57588
you can also see my results at sportsballot.com , i'm "clutchcard", oh, at Faniq.com i'm "the-crutch", www.faniq.com/user/the-crutch sunday i went 3-0 for +310, i hit on S.F, Cincy,and LAA.
yesterday, monday, i went 1-2 for -170, i won on Boston , but lost with Tor and Ari. well since i do this for my own thing, don't expect me to always update, i have a regular job and social life to live. i would say, nobody reads this but me, like i always do, but i actually had a comment left on here. yeah! one reader. the person pointed out that Erin Buescher didn't play the other day for the Silverstars because shes out for the season. when i wrote the article bitching about losing that game and the over , i just pulled her name out because when i've read boxscores in the past , she usually did good, i had noticed she hadn't played the past few games, but when i went to WNBA.com and looked at the roster for the Silverstars it didn't say she was injured, they even have a little asterisk that denotes injured, but it wasn't by her name. i know its not wise to bet on a sport you hardly watch, i've watched parts of maybe , 3 games this season, hell , i don't watch most of the MLB games i bet on, but at least i get updates in my daily paper or ESPN, ESPN doesn't do much highlights of WNBA and my paper just gives scores. so i guess if i'm going to gamble on something, i need to pay attention. that game still should have went over the total though. i've rambled on to long, heres tuesdays predictions and plays

LAD(B.Tomko) vs. Phil(K.Kendrik)
Phil -140
un 10.5
S.D.(C.Young) vs. NYM(J.maine)
NYM pk -110
ov 7.5
ATL(C.James) vs. Cinn(B.Livingston)
Cinn +110
un 10.5
Wash(J.Hanrahan) vs. Hou(W.Rodriguez)
play Wash +120*
un 9
Flor(D.Barone) vs. STL(A.Wainwright)
STL -180
ov 9.5
Pitt(T.Armas) vs. Col(E.Dessens)
Col -130
un 11.5
Mil(D.Bush) vs. Ari(L.Hernandez)
play Ari -120*
ov 10
CHC(J.Marguis) vs. S.F.(T.Lincecum)
S.F. -130
ov 8
Tex(J.Rheinecker) vs. Bal(E.Bedard)
Bal -250
un 8.5
Cle(F.Carmona) vs. Det(J.Jurrjens)
Cle -130
un 9.5
Oak(D.Haren) vs .Tor(D.Mcgowan)
Oak pk -110
play un 8*
Bos(J.Lester) vs. T.B.(A.Sonnastine)
Bos -140
un 10.5
Sea(J.Washburn) vs. Minn(S.Baker)
play Sea +100*
ov 8.5
K.C.(L.Nunez) vs. CHW(J.Vasques)
K.C. +130
un 9
NYY(M.Mussina) vs. LAA(K.Escobar)
NYY +110
ov 9
4 plays* today , good luck to me.

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