Monday, August 6, 2007

another split day.....

another split day. the philly's made a helluva comeback, and somehow S.Baker for the twins threw a shutout against the indians, i thought it would be the other way around with Carmona having the better chance at it, well he almost did, he only gave up 1 run, but Baker gave up none. so yesterday i went 2-2 in MLB, but with the vig i lost -30, but i hit my WNBA pick for +100, so overall i came out +70. heres tonights predictions and plays.

S.D.(D.Wells) vs. STL(B.Looper)
STL pk -110
play ov9*
CHC(R.Hill) vs. Hou(W.Rodriquez)
play Hou pk -110*
Mil(C.Vargas) vs. Col(J.Fogg)
Col -120
Wash(J.Lannan) vs. S.F.(T.Linecum)
S.F. -200
T.B.(E.Jackson) vs. Det(J.Verlander)
i know playing T.B. sounds crazy, but if you look at the recent stats, it doesn't.
T.B. +230
Cle(P.Byrd) vs. Minn(C.Silva)
play Cle pk -110*
Oak(D.Braden) vs. Tex(J.Rheinecker)
play Tex even +100*
Bos(C.Shilling) vs. LAA(J.Weaver)
play LAA pk -110*
play ov 8.5*
6 plays* going tonight, good luck to me.

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