Saturday, August 18, 2007

bittersweet yesterday.

i should have just stuck with MLB plays , i went 4-2 for +220, but i struck out in the WNBA, 0-3 for -330, the SUN had been playing so good, why Asjha Jones didn't play i don't know, for one, she played at UConn, you know those women can ball, second, shes the leading vote getter for MVP of her team, and third, she wasn't listed as injured, i guess when you have a playoff spot wrapped up you just sit your best people and don't give the public heads-ups. at least i know 75% of people lost along with me. the Silverstars center got shut-down and Erin Buescher didn't play, she averages 11.2ppg, she wasn't listed as injured either, and the Silverstars average 75ppg at home and give up 73ppg, but yet neither team could break 60,and the public was 89% on the Stars, just a disappointing night. well heres todays predictions and plays, i guess since its the weekend i'll give a little write-up, again i give all my predictions and plays a good look over, i don't just pick out of the blue. i just don't have time to do a write up everyday, plus i'm the only one reading this anyway.

STL(A.Reyes) vs. CHC(S.Marshall)
neither pitcher has anything to brag about lately, but i'll side with the home team
CHC -130
S.F.(M.Cain) vs. Flor(R.Vandenhurk)
Vandenhurk hasn't won in a month, but his last 3 games at home, he's given up runs of 2,2,and zero, Cain did pitch at home against Flor on july 28 going 7inn 6h 3r
the Fish are hitting 20 points higher than the Giants
Flo .267 home S.F. .247 away
Flor +100
ov 9.5
Phil(J.Moyer) vs. Pitt(P.Maholm)
Moyer has given up a total of 9 runs in is last 4 starts, 3 weeks ago he shut down Pitt for 1 run
i know Maholm's last game at home was a 9inn 3h 1r game against the lowly Giants
Philly is 8-1 since the break against left-handed starters
Play Phil -120*
ov 9
NYM(O.Perez) vs. Wash(M.Bacsik)
Perez hasn't been great as of late,Bacsik actually shut down the Mets at Shea last month
Wash +120
ov 8.5
Ari(M.Owings) vs. ATL(B.Carlyle)
Carlyle has pitched great at home, and this is merely revenge for the Braves who try to stay in the hunt
ATL -140
ov 9.5
Cinn(E.Ramirez) vs. Mil(C.Vargas)
Ramirez 3-3 3.75era 36-18 k/bb in 60inn at AAA Louisville(yeah,my hometown, i actually saw him pitch once this year he was horrible when i saw him)
Mil -150
ov 10
Hou(R.Oswalt) vs. S.D.(J.Germano)
Germano hasn't won sice july 15, the good thing is his numbers have gotten better the last 3, the bad is that it has been against worse hitting teams
Oswalt has given up 4 runs total in his last 6 games and he shut-down S.D. earlier, going
7inn 3h 1 r
play Hou -130*
un 7.5
Col(F.Morales) vs. LAD(C.Billingsly)
Morales 2-0 3.71era 16-13 k/bb in 17inn 3games at AAA Colorado Springs
Billingsly has lost 4 straight but only given up runs of 4,1,1, and 4 the last being to Col on july 29
the good thing is the Dodgers hit lefties at .285 on the year and the Rockies are like day and night or black and white they hit .299 at home but only .255 on the road
LAD -150
ov 8.5
play LAD -1.5 +140*
Bal(S.Trachsel) vs. Tor(J.Litsch)
Trachsel has went 2-0 this year against the Jays and given up only 3 runs
Litsch did beat the O's 2-1 at home back in april 8.2inn 4h 1r,but he only has 24k's on the year ,the veteran O's will take care of his youth
Tor only hitting .250 against righties and .265 at home
Bal hitting .273 vs. righties and .266 on road
play Bal +130*
un 10
Det(C.Durbin) vs. NYY(R.Clemens)
since coming back, Clemens has only gave up more than 4 runs twice
i'm just not sold on Durbin he's lost 2 in a row and the yanks are just on fire.
NYY -200
ov 10.5
so theres my 4 early plays* i'll be back later with the rest of the late AL games.
Hou vs. Ari
Ari -3
ov 35.5
Det vs. Cle
Det +2
ov 35.5
N.O. vs. Cinn
Cinn -3
un 38.5
T.B. vs. Jax
Jax -4.5
un 35
Pitt vs. Wash
Wash +2
un 33.5
S.D. vs. STL
STL +2.5
un 38.5

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Anonymous said...

Erin Buescher didn't play for the Silver Stars because she tore her ACL a month ago and is out for the season.